1. Confederates are NOT Politically Correct and are damned proud of it.

2. Confederates do not accept the Dictatorship of the "Supposedly Offended".  

3. Confederates believe that everyone has the right to be offended at times because of others' freedoms. 

4. Confederates know that the government of the Confederate States of America never surrendered.  

5. Confederates know that the CSA Constitution still legally stands; it’s not over yet! 

6. Confederates know that Lincoln declared War on the South because it was anti-Federalist. 

7. Confederates are anti-Federalists in favor of State's Rights and Home rule. 

8. Confederates know that only 3-6% of the Southerners owned slaves. 

9. Confederates know that the CSA freed the slaves in the South during the war. 

10. Confederates know the Rebel Flag never flew over a slave ship and is not a flag of slavery, nor anti-Black. 

11. Confederates also know 160,000 Blacks fought, as did Whites, Hispanics & Native Americans for the CSA. 

12. Confederates are against involuntary servitude of any type. 

13. Confederates know the war of 1861 had its roots in the 1789 Judiciary Act against the anti-Federalists. 

14. Confederates believe in Freedom for Religion, prayer and the Ten Commandments in our schools.  

15. Confederates know that the CSA is a Judeo-Christian nation and will fight to keep it that way. 

16. Confederates do not believe in legalized abortion. 

17. Confederates do not believe in the U. S. Department of Education, the IRS nor the United Nations. 

18. Confederates do not accept the Federal Reserve Bank nor foreign treaties. 

19. Confederates do not like Yankee managers or Scalawags running industry or politics in Dixie. 

20. Confederates believe in strong State and Private Militias and the personal right to bear arms. 


22. Confederates "Wave Their Rebel Flags Where They Want To and won't let anyone tell them not to."