Frequently asked questions.

What is the New Confederate Army? 

The New Confederate Army is a political Army; while we will be structured like an Army, we will be political in nature. Our one and only goal, is to liberate the Confederate States of America from Imperial occupation, we have no other goal. 

Is the New Confederate Army a militia? 

No, we are not. While a Militia is legal and Constitutional, the New Confederate Army will not be operating in that fashion.  

Didn’t the South surrender? 

This is a common misconception, when General Robert E. Lee surrendered; he surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia. He had no authority to surrender the Confederate Government, or the State Governments; Just the Military. That authority rested alone in CSA President Jefferson Davis, he never did surrender the Confederate States of America. 

Why do you call the Federal Government the Empire? I find this highly offensive. 

Well I am sorry you find that term offensive, but it is the truth. The Republic, formerly known as the United States of America has expanded exponentially since 1865. That is considered in any terms, an Empire. 

Don’t you realize, the Confederate is a flag of hate? Doesn’t the KKK use it? 

No we don’t, because it isn’t flag of hate. If you look at the design, you will find it is a Christian flag. The design of the Confederate flag, came from the Judeo-Christian heritage of the CSA. The design is called, the Cross of St. Andrews. St. Andrew was a Disciple of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he is also the Patron Saint of Scotland. The design is also based on the Scottish National flag, do you think the Scottish flag is racist? 

As for the KKK, they fly the U.S. Flag on a much more regular basis. They also display the Christian Cross, do you consider either of those two Racist and hateful? 

If you don’t want to be in the Union, why don’t you just secede?  

Because the South does not need to re-secede, it is already seceded. The Articles of secession were never properly rescinded, therefore they are still valid; as is the Constitutions of the both the National and States of the CSA. If we were to secede, we would be seceding from the Confederate States of America. 

At any rate the war is over, why not just get over it and move on? 

 Because the war is not over, no Peace Treaty was ever signed between the Union and the CSA. The only part of the war that ended, was the shooting part. The Confederate States of America is still under a form of occupation, we want to end that.  

That war cost over 600,000 dead, we don’t want another one like it. 

Neither do we, which is why we hope to accomplish this using political means.


There are many other pro-Southern groups, what make the New Confederate Army different?

The difference is simple, the New Confederate Army is working for the Liberation and restoration of the Confederate States of America. Most of the other groups are not, they don’t want the Country founded in 1861; we do. 

How are you funded? 

We are funded solely by the donations of supporters. 

How much does it cost to join? 

It costs nothing to join, but membership contributions are welcomed. In today’s economy, many cannot afford to pay the membership dues required by these other groups. That is why they are losing members, not because these are necessarily bad groups, but because their members can no longer pay membership dues. The New Confederate Army wants members to give of their own free will, not because they have to in order to belong. 

I have seen the New Confederate Army and Goodson being attacked by other Southerners, why is that? 

This is something that has puzzled us as well, it is unfathomable to us that other Southerners would have such antipathy towards a group who is trying to liberate the CSA. 

Is the new Confederate Army part of the Provisional Government of the CSA? 

No it is not. While the Commanding General and some of the members are Registered Citizens of the CSA, the New Confederate Army has no connection to the Government beyond that