This page is dedicated to the War Criminals of the War between the States, or as I like to call it, "the War of Northern Agression". These criminals committed such crimes, if they happened today there would be an outcrying for their heads. We condemned and hung the Nazi for the Murder of innocent people and righfully so, but what Lincoln did was far worse than what the Nazis did. That is why we label them, 




Lincoln was also a Socialist, supporting Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles, the Fathers of Modern Communism and Socialism. Have you ever wondered, why all of the Communist Dictators of Russia had a portrait of Lincoln on their desk?





War Criminal #2

General U.S. Grant. He is accused of the Starvation and deprivation of the people of Vicksburg Mississippi. He is also the author of General order 11, expelling all Jews from Union controled territory.

He is personally responcible for the Murder of 5,682 innocent Women and Children.



War Criminal #4

General Philip Sheridan,

"Hero" of the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. He ordered the destruction of the livestock and crops of the Shenandoah valley, thus depriving the people of that area the means of existence. he is personally responcible for the Rape and Murder of 6,326 Women and Children.




Defendant #1

AbrahamLincoln, Dictator of what was once known as the Republic of the United States of America.He is #1 on this list, he supported all of the following War Criminals.


War Criminal #3

General William T. Sherman. In his "Zeal" and his march to the sea, Sherman condoned and permitted the rape and murder of civilians; contrary to the rules of war. He is personally responcible for the murder of 15,623 innocent Women and Children.


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Rounding out the rouge gallery of War Criminals is the ever popular Benjamin Butler, otherwise known as the “Beast of New Orleans”. He also has the title of “Spoons” Butler, for stealing the Silver utensils from the Southern houses he stayed in during the War.

He issued orders to “appropriate” for the good of the Union Army, anything that might hold value. He also issued General Order 28, ordering if any Lady of New Orleans did not show “proper” courtesy to the Union soldiers, she should be considered as a “woman plying her trade”. (Translation: she should be considered a whore). 

He is also personally responsible for the death of 1,325 Innocent civilians.