I hope everyone had a very good holiday season, no doubt you stuffed yourselves with holiday meals and got many good presents. But while you were busy with the frivolities of the season, the Empire was busy forging the chains that will soon be place on everyone; Southerners included. So now it is time for you get out of your holiday stupor, get your heads cleared; because we have a job to do. 

What job is that, you ask? 

We now have to concentrate our energies, on the liberation of the Confederate States of America; that is the job at hand. My friends, how many times must I keep urging you to do something, anything? How long will you just sit there, and do nothing? What has to happen, before you will get out of the comfortable chair and act? I mean it literally, what has to happen before you act?  

I know human nature being what it is, there may be some who do feel fear. That is natural, I admit I sometimes feel fear too. I know the feeling, how it can gnaw at your insides. Making you hesitate, making you second guess your desires to be free of the Empire. 

I also know what everyone says about me, I know the evil lies they tell. I know what Bill Wodenhelm, Dr. Michael Hill, Pat Hines, Kevin Pierce, Tim Manning, Craig Mause, William Patterson and the lot say about me behind my back. I know all of the bald faced, evil lies they tell about me. I know they say things like, “he needs professional help and Medication”. “He (that’s me they are talking about) is as crazy as ever, if he thinks he’ll succeed”. They have gone so far as to attack me personally, just to keep you distracted so they can do their nefarious work against the South.  

They tell these slanderous lies, to profit from your oppression. I truly believe, they are in bed with the Empire. I really believe, they do not want a liberated South. Because with a liberated CSA, their income goes out the window. They will have nothing to fight against, nothing to alarm you with and take your money. They are the real thieves, not me. 

I am sorry if I am offensive to many of you, I am sorry to be so course. But time is a luxury, we no longer have. To put it bluntly, we have no time left; time has run out. We had the luxury time once, but we frittered it away by all the infighting. Every time I called for unity, people wanted to fight me by their stupid, idiotic accusations. 

The people I named two paragraphs prior, they are the real carpetbaggers. They are the real traitors to, not only the South, but to their Confederate Ancestors,( if they can truly claim any).  

People it is time to stop all this stupidity and come together, we need to unify. You need to understand this, the Empire has already forged the chains and they waiting for the right moment to put them on us. We have to act and we have to act now, if we don’t we will have those chains on us.  

My friends don’t let fear stand in your way, don’t let these people that I have mentioned keep you from your true destiny. Your true destiny is with us, the descendants of the Confederate States of America. Those of you who have Confederate Ancestry, show your Confederate Ancestors they sired worthy descendants. I don’t know about you, but when it is my time to stand before my Ancestors; I want them to welcome me with pride, I want to be able to go to them without shame. 

Before he died in 1898, my G-G-G Grandfather left instructions to his descendants, these instructions were for us to carry on his fight. I am doing just that, are you? The first step in liberating the Confederate States of America, is to become a Registered Citizen of the CSA. Then to join the New Confederate Army, if that is your wish. 

Make your Confederate Ancestors proud of you, liberate their Country, Liberate the Confederate States of America. 

Charles Goodson 

Registered Confederate Citizen and Commanding General 

New Confederate Army.