As Founder and Commanding General of the New Confederate Army, I Charles Goodson do make the following declaration.

Since the formation of the Nation State of Israel in 1948, she has come under continual attack from her Muslim neighbors. For the last 64 years, she has endured unending attacks, watching her Citizens be murdered by the Muslim Terrorist organizations surrounding her with patience and a desire for peaceful coexistence with them. 

Since the formation of the Nation State of Israel in 1948, her Muslim neighbors have had one goal, the complete and utter destruction of Israel. 

Since 1948 Israel has sent numerous peace envoys to the Terrorists, seeking a peaceful resolution to their differences. Every attempt has been either rebuffed, or used by the Terrorists to re-arm their weapon and rocket supply until they can attack the Israeli Civilian Population once again. 

As Christians and Jews, we the Officers and Enlisted of the New Confederate Army also desire that a peaceful resolution be found to the Muslim-Jewish situation. However, since only Israel desires peace and it is obvious that the Palestinians, and other Arab entities, only have the destruction of the Israeli state in mind we resolve to stand firmly with the sovereign state of Israel and support its' right to peacefully exist.   

We urge all nations of the world to stand beside Israel and help her protect her national borders against this imminent threat against her sovereign rights. 

Be it resolved that the New Confederate Army is now, and will forever be, an ally of Israel and will assist in defending her against all attacks, foreign and domestic.  We call upon all of our members and the citizens of the occupied Confederate States of America to lend any support requested of us. 

Be it also resolved that we, the New Confederate Army, condemn any nation that supports the continued attacks against Israel and her national borders.   

Finally, be it resolved that we, the New Confederate Army, consider any attack upon Israel to be an attack against us and will seek any recourse necessary to achieve the desired end of this conflict, which is the continued longevity of the Sovereign State of Israel. 

Charles Goodson 

Commanding General New Confederate Army 


God bless the Confederate States of America and the Sovereign State of Israel.