As Commanding General, I have had many people pressure me to explain how the New Confederate Army plans to liberate the Confederate States of America. Now I think is time to let you into part of that plan.

The first thing we have to do is to educate the people of the South, because of all the lies and indoctrinating that is being done by the enemies of the Confederate States of America; many of whom are Southerners themselves. Unfortunately, because of all the lies it will be an uphill battle. Because of negative connotations of the Confederate Flag, many Southern Newspapers will not print anything from us for free; they even refuse to print letters to the Editor from us. Therefore we will have to pay for the ads, this takes money to do so.     

For far too long, we have allowed the enemy to have their way with us, our symbols, our flags, our very culture are under attack, and all we have offered is token resistance. There are other Pro-Southern organizations, which were mandated by the people of the South to defend our Southern culture and all of our monuments, flags and symbols. They were given money for this purpose, but the money was used elsewhere.  

These organizations used the money to throw Southern Balls, whose only purpose was to eat finger sandwiches; sipping tea in fine China, with their little finger sticking out. They dance around in period costumes, dressed up as Generals and Ladies of the South. Some of the so called leaders of these organizations demand to be paid for leading these organizations, threatening to abandon the cause if their pockets are not lined with Gold to support their Aristocratic way of life. Like the Roman Emperor Nero, they play their Aristocratic fiddles while the South burns. 

The New Confederate Army will not do that, we will not be going to tea parties or costume balls. We do not sip tea out of fine china cups, with our little finger sticking out. Our hot beverage of choice, is hot coffee. I like mine strong, with a little sugar and cream. I don’t sip my coffee out of a fine China cup, I drink my coffee out of a 24 ounce mug, (64 ounce, if I feel like it). Every Dollar sent to the New Confederate Army, will used to engage the enemy. Each member of the New Confederate Army, has a job outside of the NCA. We hold various jobs, some work for Wal-Mart, some work for which ever state they live in; while others work for other Industries. I myself work for a company, whose sole task is to transport Train crew to their trains and back to the depot. 

My fellow Southerners, I have said this for time without end. The War for Southern Independence is still being waged. The enemy understands this, when will we? We have been on the defensive since 1864 in all reality, it is time we stop it. We need to start going on the offensive, we to start attacking the enemy. We need to make them defend themselves, make them defend what they did and are doing to the South. Put them on the defensive, for a change. Now this doesn’t mean they won’t fight back, using words like racist or some other derogatory words. But if we use their words against them, we can win. 

Now I know you have heard this sing and dance before, I know many of you joined the Southern Movement because you were promised action. Many of these pro-Southern promised you, that they would protect the Southern Culture, heritage, monuments and way of life. They promised you if you gave them your money, you would never have to worry about having your culture attacked. I remember reading that the League of the South, the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the SCV would stop the N.A.A.C.P. from taking the 1956 Georgia State Flag. I also remember reading, that these same organizations would take this case to court; all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if they had to as I recall, all they needed was the money to cover expenses for a lawyer. You sent them the money, what happened? What did they do with the money, can anyone tell me that? I don’t remember it going to the U.S. Supreme Court, do you? In fact, I don’t remember it going to any Court, State or U.S. at all. 

The New Confederate Army would have gone on the attack, forcing the N.A.A.C.P. and their allies to defend their actions. We would have used the money sent to us, to start law suits against the N.A.A.C.P. and their allies. We would have flooded the Newspapers and airwaves, with our side of the issues. I didn’t see that, I saw a few of you write letters to the Editors of the different Southern Newspapers. But nothing that was promised, by these Pro-Southern Organizations. 

You might be wondering, why spring; why am I going to wait until spring to go on the offensive. The reasons are simple. 

1.   Because with the holidays, people’s thoughts are not on things political. They are on the Birth of the Savior, family, friends and getting together with loved ones to celebrate the coming of the Savior. 

2.   Because of the holidays, people are spending their money on gifts and other things pertaining to the Christmas season. 

3.   Because of the cold weather, people are less likely to go out and stand out in the inclement and harsh weather. 

4.   Plus we need to gather all the funds that will be necessary for conducting this campaign. 

We will not be writing letters to the Editor, bemoaning and whining about how bad of deal we have been given. We will be buying ads and spots, demanding an account be made to the people of the South. We will write and place full page spots and editorials, demanding our rights as Southerners. We will take the fight to them, we will roll up our sleeves and get things done. Things that the other Southern organizations promised, but failed to deliver.  

Let the other Southern Organizations, hold their tea parties and their Southern Costume balls. Let them do their thing, which is nothing. If you want an organization to actually do something, if you want to see some one really take action, than support the New Confederate Army. Your Confederate Ancestors are standing in front of you, calling you, how will you answer them? I can see them, plain as day. They are waiting for you to stand up and take their place in the fight for Liberation, what is your answer to them? I have already answered my Ancestors, I am taking up their fight will you do the same? 

Join the New Confederate Army or if you can’t join, support the New Confederate Army. We have a Pay Pal account, so you can donate quickly and with confidence.  

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Join us and liberate the Country of your Confederate Ancestors, Liberate the Confederate States of America. 


In the Cause of Confederate liberation, 

Charles Goodson 

Founder and Commanding General New Confederate Army